As you know, an agility handler has to have sharp senses and keen reactions. Yet, all too often we focus on becoming a better guide for our dog and forget to improve our own physical performance.
Speed Up Agility courses are tailored around the specific techniques and processes that an agility handler should master. We will show you easy steps to improve your fitness, so you can make the most of each round on the course. With our help you and your dog can become a real dream team.


Practising the Speed Up way not only improves your performance but makes you feel better. Here are some of the benefits you will experience when you exercise with us.

→ Have better self-esteem and confidence. No more playing it safe.
→ Guide your dog on time to the right direction.
→ Feel energised.
→ Use your full potential.
→ Deliver a top performance.


Each course has a programme that is easy to follow. If you have any questions our team support is happy to help. You will be able to see progress after completing each section and you will take small tests along the way.

 Set goals and supervised progress.

 Clear instructions.

 Accessible support.


  • We practice changes of direction, spurts, starts and strength—all of which are vital for agility handlers.
  • No equipment needed. (You might want to get a few cones and weights later on as you improve but will manage just fine without.)
  • Practice anywhere, any time. You can exercise at home, before/after your agility training or even when you go for a walk with your dog.
  • Affordable prices.


Running 100m:
2.17 seconds


Standing long
jumps: 15.9cm


* The average improvement on previous courses.

“Just amazing! As I trained regularly with Speed Up Agility, I got fit and excelled myself! Thanks to these courses I can now match my fast dog. Also, the Speed Up Way made me feel more confident on the course which has led to success.”

Renja Karhunen

“The Speed Up Agility courses have helped me to understand what kind of fitness training is needed in agility. These exercises have made me faster and helped me achieve better times and success. Speed Up Agilitydefinitely supports my goals. It’s the best feeling ever to make it to the critical parts on a course before my dog and to make him speed up in order to catch up with me!

Mari Oksanen

Founder of AgiNotes

“It’s fantastic how these drills aid agility. It’s really important to exercise the right way. I used to jog a lot, but it didn’t impact my performance on the agility course. However, the Speed Up Agility course made all the difference! I noticed improvement already during the course. The best part for me was that these exercises can be done regardless of time and place. I appreciate their flexibility!”


“The Speed Up Agility courses are fun and motivational. My fitness improved superfast and surprisingly easily. It didn’t take that many training sessions until I could already feel the difference on the agility course. They really know what it takes to enhance the fitness of an agility handler.”


Speed Up Agility got me into shape! Now, moving around on the agility course is much easier. I no longer need to try and catch up with my dog all the time.
I can truly recommend it!”