Suvi really improved her results in 8 weeks!

Suvi Hakala really improved her results in 8 weeks! Suvi is a part of a select coaching team of Villähteen Agility-Urheilijat for which I have had the pleasure to function as a fitness coach.

Suvi’s results and story of how she reached these results:

“Starting to exercise is nothing new to me. I always start really excited and quickly notice I’m not as fit as I thought, I get sore and gradually I start skipping training sessions. This time my motivation was much higher for some reason. Maybe it was due to us making the team, my dog’s development or our first upcoming trial. Or maybe it was something else, but, anyhow, I waited for the first training session with great enthusiasm and this feeling never died down.

Being fit has been my priority throughout. I want to be better, faster, quicker starting after a handling maneuver and, above all, be able to run all runs without getting a lactic acid build-up in my legs after the first run. As training progressed, my motivation kept growing. Although my muscles were sorest a couple days after training, that was, weirdly enough, the feeling I started looking forward to. You know you’ve trained hard when you feel it afterwards. Recovery was quick, however, and I felt better and fitter in everyday life as well. The more I improved, the more motivated I felt about getting ready for the next training session.

In addition to weekly team training sessions, I exercised by myself irregularly. When team training started, I still suffered from ankle and knee pains after training, which made me go see a physiotherapist. I had to stop exercising a little early because of an injury, but I believe this motivation will carry me through rehabilitation and my development will continue. I was happily surprised by the results. Although I usually compare my results to memories of when I was younger, I realised I wasn’t as unfit as I had thought. In the kick-off test, the line drills were very challenging; my legs were burning and getting up at the cones and speeding up was really difficult. During the next test, my muscles didn’t burn as much and everything felt easier. It felt so good that I hope I can improve my fitness long after this. As I demand a lot of my dog, it’s only fair that I demand this of myself”

Amazing job Suvi <3

All the best,

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