Your movement and handling technique will become coherent and correctly timed.
 Your self-esteem and confidence will improve.
 You will be able to handle your dog in the fastest possible way.

99,00 € 

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Info: This course will make you faster, more agile and your coordination skills will improve. Our versatile exercises imitate handling manoeuvres, improving reactivity and change of direction, which are typical for agility.

Length: 8 Weeks

Typical Week: 2 sessions. The drills include balance, coordination, footwork, steps, jumps, change of direction and 7 to 15 metre accelerations.

Requirements: 30 metres of space for the drills (ideally a gymnasium or a sports field). The main thing is that the ground is firm enough. Marker cones and an agility ladder are beneficial, but not necessary (you can improvise with the equipment).

Level of fitness: (suitability) beginner, intermediate and advanced*

Keyworks: agility, coordination, footwork, speed, reactions, change of direction, acceleration

*beginner – hardly any physical activity in everyday life, intermediate – training once or twice a week, and advanced – regular target-oriented exercise.


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