A new training program to improve an agility handler’s muscle fitness

Train your muscles into shape at home. Good muscle fitness and body control enhance changes of direction and make running easier!

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Efficient changes of direction and running fast require strong leg muscles. Especially your glutes’ force production and core control are important in running. This training program focuses on these muscle groups.

In agility, each running step is balancing on one foot and moving requires coordination. With this program your balance and body control will improve.

The key is developing muscle fitness in your whole body and learning the correct and safe technique of basic moves. When you understand scapula control, hip control and lower body alignments, you can apply it to all exercising.

This simple and effective training program can also be carried out at the gym. You can choose to focus on developing muscle endurance or basic strength.

The training program also improves your mobility incredibly. A sedentary lifestyle and working from home stiffen your body.

Do you find it difficult to start exercising? Would you like to set training routines?

This training program will enter your living room and help you find your training motivation as well as regularity into your training.


”I want to give a special thanks for your Fitness program. The workouts are easy to do at home in a small space with little equipment. After four weeks I can even find my glutes!” -Emeliina Tähtinen

”With your Fitness program I have noticed how good I feel after training.” – Jussi Kujanpää

”I have the rhythm of exercising back in my life; Fitness workouts twice a week have really helped bring it back and I’ve even felt the joy of exercising, which I haven’t felt in a long time!” – Speed Up way member

”The best thing about the monthly membership is my improved fitness. Although I didn’t exercise much last autumn, thanks to the Fitness program I’m totally into it again!” – Leena Vanninen


The training program lasts 6 weeks. It includes 1-2 training sessions a week. One training session lasts 45-60min. The training program consists of one and two-leg squats, rowing variations and push-ups for your upper body as well as core strengthening moves. You can train with or without additional weights.

You need an exercise stick, light hand weights (or other objects) and a light resistance band. If you’re a more advanced trainer, you can use additional weights.

You gain access to the training program by joining our monthly membership program.  You don’t need to worry about losing money, because the first month only costs 1 € and after that 16,90 e/mo.

You can cancel the monthly membership after completing our Speed Up Fitness training program or continue to our other training programs. It’s up to you!


The earlier you make the decision to begin, the closer you are to becoming a dream team with your dog.

With the training program, your mobility, muscle endurance, body control and balance will improve. You will learn how to do basic moves safely and correctly. You will gain strength to your running and power to your changes of direction.

You will find the motivation and routine to train.


Body control and mobility improve
Muscle fitness and endurance develop
 Running becomes easier and changes of direction more intense
You will also learn the foundations of quality training: core, hip, back and scapula control as  well as lower body alignments
Your confidence will grow- you will become strong and healthy

Join us now. The foundations of every agility handler are sufficient mobility, muscle strength and body control. They are required for efficient and safe running. You can train each of them at home!

Take part in the challenge! It starts February 28 – start together with other agility handlers!

Frequently asked questions


Speed Up Agility is an online service for agility handlers, through which you have access to easy and complete training programs to improve your fitness. With them you will do better in agility with your dog.

We also provide our members with a closed member zone, in which we share information and tips concerning training, nutrition, wellbeing, body maintenance and mental prep.

We offer new content in the service every month – and it’s all available to you for an affordable monthly price!


The monthly membership costs 16,90 e/mo. The first month is free with 1 euro sign up fee (we just want to make sure that your payment method works) and you can cancel your order whenever you want. You are not obligated to commit.


If you cannot commit to training or you are injured, for example, you can cancel the monthly membership easily with a couple of clicks. The membership will be cancelled immediately.

Just log in and go to my account to cancel membership.


All you need is a smart device and an internet connection, with which to access the training programs.

The training sessions themselves don’t require a gym membership or lots of specific equipment. All you need is a space of about 20 to 100m, depending on the program. Optimally a sports field.

The free trial period is an excellent way of trying out the training sessions. You will notice how easy it is and the biggest risk is you wanting more!