You will reach peak physical fitness.
 Your movement and handling technique will become coherent and correctly timed.
 You will have explosive starts and sprints.
 Your self-esteem and confidence will improve.
 You will be able to handle your dog in the fastest possible way.
 You will experience flow and reach a state of top performance.

199,00 € 

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Customer feedback of Speed Up All Stars spring 2019: 100% would recommend the program to a friend and find the training platform clear and easy to use! 

Info: This is a course for agility handlers who want it all. Firstly, we will improve the foundations, your ideal fitness, agility and coordination. Then, we will concentrate on making you faster, along with accelerating your starts and increasing your overall precision. Speed Up All Stars is a holistic approach to agility handlers’ fitness and physics.

Extra support: You will also have one-on-one support from your online coach as well as a Facebook group where you can interact with your fellow handlers and get peer support.

Guaranteed progress: We are committed to motivating and supporting you as you progress. This particularly engaging program will give you an encouraging push, when required. We will demonstrate your development through brief tests at the beginning, middle and end of this course. Ultimately, you will reach peak physical fitness that will enable top performance on the agility course.

Length: 12 Weeks.

Training duration: 45 min to 1,5 hours

Typical Week: 2 sessions. The drills vary from circuit training to balance, coordination, footwork, steps, jumps, change of direction and 30 to 100 metre sprints.

Requirements: 30 to 100 metres of space for the drills (ideally a gymnasium or a sports field). The main thing is that the ground is firm enough.

Level of fitness: (suitability) beginner and advanced*

Customer feedback:

  • 100% would recommend the program to a friend
  • 100% find the training platform clear and easy to use
  • 100% are happy with the exercises

Keyworks: agility, fitness, strength, core muscles, circuit training, body balance, control, coordination, elasticity, footwork, running technique, reactions, speed, start, sprint, spurt, acceleration, peak physical fitness, online coach

*beginner – hardly any physical activity in everyday life, intermediate – training once or twice a week, and advanced – regular target-oriented exercise.


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