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Become an agile and fast agility handler
No more playing it safe
Reach top condition
Two complete training programs to develop your skills.
Fitness tests to follow your progress and set goals.
Over 150 videos with tips on how to improve your fitness.
Cancel continuous subscription whenever, no obligation to continue.

Black Friday offer: 13€/month is available 26 to 28 November. 

Info: The Speed Up Way membership is intended for all agility handlers who want to invest in their training and develop their abilities comprehensively.

As a member, you will have access to complete user-friendly training programs that you can use anywhere and anytime. The Speed Up Agility courses are tailored around the specific techniques and skills that an agility handler should master.

As a Speed Up Way member, you will also have access to our closed Members Zone where you can find a wide range of information about training, nutrition, mental preparation and body maintenance. Start living the Speed Up Way now – first month for free!

Training programs

 You will reach peak physical fitness.
 Your movement and handling technique will become coherent and correctly timed.
 You will have explosive starts and sprints.
 Your self-esteem and confidence will improve.
 You will be able to handle your dog in the fastest possible way.
 You will experience flow and reach a state of top performance.

Speed Up All Stars 8 weeks

Info: This is a course for agility handlers who want it all. Firstly, we will strengthen the foundations, in other words your fitness level, agility and coordination. Then, we will concentrate on making you faster, along with ensuring quicker starts and increasing your overall precision. Speed Up All Stars is a holistic approach to improving an agility handler’s fitness and physical performance.

Duration & typical week: 8 weeks. 2 sessions per week. The duration of one training session is 45–90 min. The drills vary from circuit training to balance, coordination, footwork, steps, jumps, changes of direction and 30 to 100-meter sprints.

Requirements: 30 to 100 meters of space for the drills (ideally a gym or a sports field). The main requirement is that the ground needs to be firm enough.

Level of fitness: Intermediate & advanced. If you’re a beginner, the course may feel too tough. Feel free to ask for help on how to make the exercises lighter.

 Improve your footwork and add flow with the exercises
 Sharpen your senses
 You become more agile in agility
 Your movement and handling technique will become coherent
and timed correctly.
 Your self-esteem and confidence will improve.
 You will be able to handle your dog in the fastest possible way.

Speed Up Reactions 8 weeks

Info: This course will make you faster and more agile and improve your coordination skills. Our versatile exercises imitate handling maneuvers,improving your reactions and changes of direction, which are a key element in agility.

Duration & typical week: 8 weeks. 2 sessions per week. The duration of one training session is 45–60 min. The drills include balance, coordination, footwork, steps, jumps, changes of direction and 7 to 15-meter accelerations.

Requirements: 30 meters of space for the drills (ideally a gym or a sports field). The main requirement is that the ground needs to be firm enough. Marker cones and an agility ladder are useful, but not required (you can improvise).

Level of fitness: (Suitability) Beginner, intermediate and advance. The training program is good for athletes of all levels. Your starting level affects the intensity at which you can do the exercises.

 Improved body control and mobility.
 More strength and endurance.
 Running feels easier and changes of direction more efficient.
 You will learn the cornerstones of quality training: core support, hip and back control, shoulder blade support and lower body alignments.
 More confidence – you will become strong and healthy.

Speed Up Fitness opens in February 2021

Info: This training program focuses on strengthening your whole body and developing the correct and safe technique of each basic move. As your muscle strength improves, running and changes of direction will become more efficient.

Course duration & progression: 6 weeks. 1-2 training sessions a week. One training session lasts 45-60min. Training includes one and two-leg squats, rowing and push-up variations for your upper body and core strengthening moves with your own body or light weights. The moves can also be done at the gym with additional weights.

Requirements: An exercise stick, light hand weights (also other light objects work) and a light resistance band. The training program is easy to carry out at home.

Fitness level: Beginner & advanced. The training program suits all levels. Your starting level determines whether you focus on developing your technique and body control or basic strength.

Customer experiences

“I participated in Speed Up All Stars for several reasons: I wanted to become a better runner, I want to keep up with my new dog, prepare for World Agility Open and improve my running technique. I find Speed Up All Stars really easy to follow. The exercises are explained really well with both text and video, you can choose the level that suits you best and it gives you that extra push you need to practice running. I am no big fan of running, but Speed Up All Stars has helped me to like it better and make me want to improve even more. My dog Saiva’s speed has also increased a lot and we have gotten lots of comments on how fast she is now. Some of this must be due to my improved running, I believe. If you want to get in better shape, run faster or just try a new way of exercising, this is the program for you.”

Rikke, Saiva & Ipa, from Norway

“This weekend my young dog qualified for her first national final. This was a Steeplechase run with all 3 heights competing against each other. My dog is a small. The course was FAST. I had to really run to be sure to be in the right place and I absolutely credit the Speed Up All Stars programme for the fact that I was where I needed to be, when I needed to be! I never would have been able to keep up before this programme! So THANK YOU!!!!”

Karen & Erin, from United Kingdom

“Midway through #speedupagility online course, and I love the feeling of being able to give my all – even on the fifth run of the second day!. The runs felt great, and I think being able to run faster makes it easier to handle Chili. She is really independent, and commits so early to the next jump that she is quite the challenge to run. But this weekend we didn’t have any DQ’s (a miracle), and I think that me being able to really RUN is one of the reasons why. There have definitely been improvements in both speed & stamina. Feeling (almost) ready for WAO. I’m so happy to be a part of this course, thank you.”

Siw & Chili and Ducati from Norway

“Speed Up All Stars is a training program that makes you sweat, gives you sore muscles, makes you test your limits and move the barrier of “can do” further. I have done lots of sports in my youth but had not followed any structured training program for a long time. Now with two structured exercises a week I got back in the routine and enjoyed that I did not have to come up with exercises myself. I have to admit that not all of the exercises were pleasant to do but they made me stronger, both physically and mentally. And I will never forget the one training session with 26 spurts.. my legs were sore for quite some days after that. After 3+ months following the program, I feel that I am running faster and it might even be true as we got our last clean runs to move to A2 ;)”

Cheers, Hedi Peterson & Bosu from Estonian

“Speed Up All Stars is excellent for handlers who have a hard time fitting their timetables to set training times. The program includes two training sessions a week and you can progress at your own pace so other training, vacations and illness, for example, don’t interfere with the program at all. The exercises are described well both in text and video format, and easy to do by yourself. You get individual feedback on your technique and, if need be, instructions on how to alter the exercises to better suit you. My goal has been to improve my running technique and make my spurts sharper, because it’s most fun when both my dog and I can give it our all from start to finish! Progress is followed with kick-off, midway and final tests. In practice, I can see the results of the program in making it to certain places to handle much easier than I had thought during the walk-through. (Photo: Johanna Koski)“

Sincerely, Anna Pekkala & Odile from Finland

“I recommend Speed Up All Stars -training program to all agility handlers. It is very easy to follow. The website is easy to use and the training program has both written descriptions and videos of the exercises. It also has a beginner and an advanced level, because of which it is not too hard to do for anyone. The best part about it is that the program is available for 6 months, which means that you don’t miss anything, if life gets in the way of training.“

Sara Marja Boine and Titan from Norway

“My results in this have been amazing, and I’m now fitter, faster and more confident. I can’t recommend this course enough if you want improve your fitness as a handler”

Pamela Harju, Finland

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6 reviews for SPEED UP WAY MONTHLY

  1. Pamela Harju (verified owner)

    Love it! I run much faster now, I feel more confident, and I don’t get out of breath halfway through the course. I can finally do my dog justice!

    • Rosa-Maria

      Thank you Pamela <3

  2. Angelica

    I really love this program! Im a better handler, a faster runner and ive lost 16 kg since i joined! Can really recomand anyone who wants to be a better handler, stronger and faster, to join speed up agility!

    • Rosa-Maria

      Amazing job Angelica <3

  3. Becky Sinclair

    I love the Speed Up Way! Easy to follow exercises that you can do whenever you have time – loads of support if you need it and some really brilliant advice and articles within the members pages.

  4. Ina Himle

    I have taken several Speed Up classes, and are suuper happy with the result that gave me on the agility course. Quicker, faster and so much easier to handle the dog correctly when the body just move on autopilot!
    You get all the help you need on the way during the class, specific and motivated comments!
    I really recommend the class and are 100% sure you will not regret!

    • Rosa-Maria

      Thank you Ina <3

  5. Lucy Turmaine (verified owner)

    I never thought that running could be so enjoyable, but Speed Up Agility proved me wrong. Now, at past 50, I’m fitter than I’ve ever been and managing to keep up with my working cocker! Thank you, Rosa-Maria for all the help and encouragement you give throughout your program, to help us achieve what we thought impossible.

    • Rosa-Maria

      Thank you so much Lucy! <3

  6. Natalija Loginova

    I enjoyed this training program. She’s just gorgeous! She helped me move more accurately and faster in agility courses, thanks to the fact that my coordination improved. There are many great exercises in this program for developing coordination, speed and precision in movements. If you find it difficult to make turns or more difficult maneuvers in an agility course, this program will help you make your arms and legs “friends” for you. I would also highly recommend the Speed Up All Stars program if your fitness is not high enough. It will help you get stronger and increase your stamina. Thank you very much, Rosa-Maria for the opportunity to be a part of these programs!

    • Rosa-Maria

      Thank you for your feedback <3

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