Agility handler warm-up – optimise your performance

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Investing in your own warm-up before agility training or competing, improves your reactions and explosive power significantly as well as your running. The purpose of warming up is to get your body into the best possible mode for the upcoming performance. The traditional jog while walking your dog or ...

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2 thoughts on “Agility handler warm-up – optimise your performance

  1. Thanks for this! My pre-run routine has hitherto been poor: not only have I been challenged by the elements which I can’t control (location, weather, event schedule) but also by my own mindset (total focus on the needs of my dog, obsessive worry over memorizing the courses, and undeniable laziness).

    I am further challenged by running 2 or sometimes 3 dogs at an event: how to be in optimal readiness (without burning out) is a challenge!

    In addition to the 15 movements you have provided, can you suggest how long a regular warm-up might take?

    1. Hi there, and thanks a lot for your comment and question. Based on your question, I also added an answer into the text 🙂 I recommend you use about 15 minutes for raising your heartbeat, doing dynamic stretches and activating your muscles (5 – 10 minutes is also very good, much better than no warm-up at all). Jumps and spurts, which are right at the end in our warm-up, awaken your nervous system for the fast run. You should do them about 7-10 minutes before your turn.


      Your run is at 10 o’clock. Start your 10 to 15-minute warm-up at 09:35-09:40, which ends with the jumps and spurts. You’ll be ready by 09:50-09:53.

      Listen to your body and you will learn to know when you’re at your best! It’s not easy to time everything but I hope this helps. Remember that planning your competition day is key. And, also, that something is better than nothing 🙂

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