Can you do an overhead squat? Do this easy test!

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Can you do an overhead squat? It’s a simple super move, which gives you a lot of information on your body strength, mobility and movement control. You need all three in agility, if you want to prevent injury and, above all, train speed and starts efficiently and with quality.  Mobility is the act ...

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2 thoughts on “Can you do an overhead squat? Do this easy test!

    1. Hi Lucy, first I want to say that your mobility is amazing and you have just a little bit work to do with body control. It’s just a peace of cake, trust me!

      You are right, I can see also some instability (wobbling thighs) in the knees, which is partly the result of the middle gluteus not working so actively. By activating the gluteal muscles is most important thing to focus on and advice for that you can find here: (The video is in finnish but by clicking on English subtitles, you get to follow the interview in English as well.)

      When you focus on doing the work on your gluteal muscles/hamstrings and keeping the center of gravity on your heels while squatting, you will improve your most important muscles for running! And with training, the back straightens as it strengthens.

      You can take overhead squat part of your warm -up routines for example. I can’t wait to see your improvement!

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