Ina Himle: Staying focused was the key to winning the Fionia-Cup

Fionia-Cup, held in Denmark last week, is one of the hottest agility events of the summer. It consists of five days of competing, with the big finals on Friday. The amazing Ina Himle won medium class with her dog Wii.

I really wanted to find out how you can win the Fionia-Cup and what Ina’s secret is.

How to win Fionia-Cup? 

Ina says it’s always amazing to get to run in a final, especially as one of the last ones. I love her attitude – how she sees each final run as training for later on.

In Fionia- Cup finals, Ina and Wii were already really tired from several days of competing and focusing was difficult. Ina told herself: “if I can do this, I will be really happy!”. And they did! “That was the biggest win for me”, says Ina, “to experience that WE CAN no matter what.” ❤

Medium finale: Ville Liukka & Ronja, Finland (left), Ina Himle & Wii, Norway, Jesper Vind Jensen & Luzon, Denmark

What is your strength in competitions?

Ina names her ability to stay focused as her number one strength. “It is difficult to maintain focus, but the most important to get a good run!”, says Ina.

She lists the following factors as the most important to focus on during a run: what to do next, verbal cues, looking at the dog and running as effectively as possible. “If anything happens, focus on what’s next!” Ina exclaims.

Read about Ina’s dreams and goals here.

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Photo: Miriam Pedersen

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