Do you want to run an agility course tirelessly?

Do you get a lactic acid build-up in your legs in the middle of an agility training course?


You would like to run non-stop for several minutes with high intensity and quality? However, one time after another you get tired too early? Because of this:

  • Your dog may drift off-course
  • You feel disappointed in yourself after training because you couldn’t give your all throughout
  • Training quality suffers and development slows down

For these reasons, it’s important that in training you can also run without tiring. I will help you run courses at full speed throughout:

  • You do NOT have to train 3 times a week for results!
  • Even one well thought-out and regular training session a week can be enough!
  • Line drills are an excellent way of improving endurance in agility. Line drills mirror movement in agility, with accelerations and changes of direction. Also, their duration and distance have been designed with agility courses in mind!

Here is one example of a Line drill which you can put to use immediately:


Line Drill exercise:

  1. Warm Up 5 to 10 min
  2. Practice run
  3. Line drill exercise: (3-minute between-rep recovery)
    1 x 3
  4. Cool Down 5 min

Written instructions for the line drill

Place 5 cones in a row, 6 meters apart from each other. Run from cone 1 to cone 2 and touch it. Return to cone 1 and touch it. Then run to cone 3 and touch it, after which return to cone 1 and touch it. Repeat with cone 4. Finally, run to the last cone (5) and touch it, and then spurt quickly to cone 1 and past it.

In our next blog, I will tell you how to achieve easy and flowing handling! Also read our blog post about the 5 factors why fitness training helps you succeed better in agility!

All the best,
Fitness Coach of Agility Champions


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