Agility World Championship 2019: interview with agility judge Toshiyuki Oba

Toshiyuki Oba is a japanese agility trainer and judge, who both judges and runs in agility competitions all over Japan as well as in Europe.

He became an agility judge when JKC decided to recognise agility as an official dog sport and agility judges were needed. Another interesting fact about Oba is that he is also an amazing animal painter.

What are your expectations and hopes for AWC 2019?

“It has been one of my dreams to become the WC judge. I don’t know what to expect, but I want participants to enjoy running my courses and theaudience to enjoy watching them.” says Oba.

Winners can read agility courses well

Oba aims to design safe courses, on which fluency and challenge are in balance. According to Oba, the ability to read courses well is the most important skill for success. He feels the greatest challenge in agility is, in fact, finding the smoothest line for the dog and handling that line. “I want to design courses, on which handlers with smooth and beautiful handling win.” says Oba.

Good teams are inspirational

Oba says the best thing about being an agility judge is being able to design agility courses on which handlers’ skillful handling makes their dogs fly, as well as being able to watch this magic close-up. Oba gets his inspiration from these fast skillful teams. Other judges are also a source of inspiration for him.  

Agility is all about enjoyment

Oba’s favourite obstacle is the tunnel. He says they make courses more exciting. Enjoyment is another great priority of Oba. He wants all agility handlers to remember to enjoy the sport, regardless of competition results!

Get acquainted with Oba’s course profiles here.

Finnish agility judge Sari Mikkilä is the other World Championship head judge. Read Sari Mikkilä’s interview here.

Next we’ll be publishing interviews with the two assisting judges of AWC, Esa Muotka and Anders Virtanen. Read our blog to find out more about the thoughts of these two amazing finnish judges.

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