Maria Hirvonen and Miux are back on track!

Maria Hirvonen does agility with her 4-year-old Pyrenean Shepherd Miux. They have represented Finland in the WAO team in 2018, and placed 4th in Gamblers! This amazing team has also won silver in Snooker and bronze in Games in the Games Finnish Championship.


Maria Hirvonen ja Pyreneittenpaimenkoira Miux Wao:ssaPhotos: Jani Hämäläinen

Dreams and goals?

“My goal is to have fun, enjoy our shared hobby and try to improve as a dog trainer and athlete as much as possible”, Maria says.

This team’s journey hasn’t been entirely smooth either, as Miux’s condition deteriorated last autumn. “The reason was found to be hypothyroidism. Miux has returned back to normal thanks to proper medication and now the plan is to get us both back into shape before summer and important competitions”, Maria describes her goals.

Expectations for Speed Up All Stars

Maria is participating in the training program Speed Up All Stars and she expects to improve her agility, accelerating speed as well as be able to keep up with Miux on agility courses!

“As for long competition days, I also need to improve my endurance to be able to run fast and handle Miux well even on the last courses of the day”, Maria explains.

“Speed Up All Stars is the perfect package for our needs: training tailored for agility handlers, efficient, motivating, adaptable to one’s own timetable, yet with a strong community!” exclaims Maria.

It’s great to help Maria get back on track! You can follow this amazing team on Instagram. 

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Next Speed Up All Stars starts on 31 May, read more about here. 

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