Ina Himle – aiming for ALL IN!

Photo: Miriam Pedersen Photography 

Ina Himle has been doing agility since she was 6 years old. She started agility training with her mum’s border collie mix. She now has two dogs at home, Wii and Chi, with which she does agility.

What are your greatest achievements in agility?

“This is a difficult question to answer. My greatest achievement, I think, is that I was able to rise up again after being at the bottom at our tryouts last year! We had prepared so well, both of us, and then the injury occurred some weeks/months before. I was so ready to fly on the course at the tryouts, that on saturday evening I was in total shock after friday’s/saturday’s disappointing results. Only one run with 5 faults and 19th place or something on the list for AWC 2018″ Ina says and continues:

“I was so disappointed, so far away from where I wanted to be. Then I just decided to rise up, change my thoughts with the help of my mental coach, and nailed it on sunday! The feeling when you can make something change just like that is absolutely amazing. And of course you all want me to say winning the jumping class individuals at AWC, and also that number two! Not because we won the run, but because it just felt like flying through the course with my best friend. No injuries, just a lot of fun together!”

FCI Agility World Championship 2018, Kristianstad, Sweden. Photo: Mare Caub Photography

What dreams do you have?

“My goals and dreams in agility are, first of all, to keep my dogs and myself healthy and free from injuries. Secondly, to let every run be like my run at AWC: totally focused, ALL IN, giving it my everything. At the moment, I have some problems in regular dog agility competitions – that I’m too lazy in my handling. Some of it is due to my dog being trained so well (so I can do so), some of it is due to results not mattering so much to me and some of it is due to me being in bad shape” Ina laughs.

What are your expectations of Speed Up All Stars?

“My expectations of Speed Up All Stars are to give me my motivation back, to never ever again think on a course: “oh, I will never make that blind course” or be tired and sore after running with one of my dogs. I want this program to be the key to being ALL IN in all my runs. I’m also sure this will give me a healthier lifestyle and bring some routines into my daily life. LET´S GET FIT TOGETHER!”

I’m excited about having the opportunity to help Ina get her motivation back and achieve ‘all in’!

All the best,

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