Anki Molander – Getting fit with my dogs

Picture published with permission, Jukka Pätynen,

Amazing Anki Molander has been doing agility training since the´90s. For the last four years she has been part of the Finnish National Agility Team with her talented poodle InWhite Love Twister “Wii” (8yo). They have medals from Finnish Championships, both individual and team, as well as from Nordic Championships. Last autumn they won the Nordic Championship individuals!

Anki also has a 3-year-old bordercollie “Akira”. They started competing last summer and recently moved up to class three. Anki says she still has a lot to learn about handling a large dog as well as teaching one that is so different from her poodles: “With her, agility is a new sport for me again ;)”. Anki now also has a puppy from Wii. Her name is “Tipzy” and she just turned 2 years old.

Your goals and dreams?

“I hope to have another good competition season with Wii. She lost some speed last year, so now my goal is to get both her and me fit again. I still have a lot to learn with Akira and with her I just want to get a better clean run percentage this year and see if we can qualify for some bigger events later on. The plan with Tipzy is to start competing this spring.”

Picture published with permission, Jukka Pätynen,

Your expectations on Speed Up All Stars starting March 1st?

“After several years of back problems, leading to muscular and nerve pain in my legs, my strength, speed and condition have decreased. I really want to get back in shape and be the best partner for my dogs both in everyday life as on a dog agility course. When planning a course, I don’t want to have to take into consideration when I can rest and when I need to have full power – I want it to feel easy and pain free to run an agility course with my dogs in training and in competition. I’m really looking forward to trying out this new training program, Speed Up All Stars, this spring and to getting in good shape for the bigger competitions this summer!”

I’m excited about having the opportunity to help Anki prepare for this summer’s dog agility competition season. Later this spring, we’ll be posting an interview on Anki about how she has overcome her back pain and can compete at a high level despite adversities!

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